Thursday, June 28, 2012

Creative Journey

Our assignment is to create a timeline for our creative journey.  I loved this because it really made me

stop and think just how far I've come. When I was in grammar school, I used to love to color

and do all kinds of art work.  It was never really encouraged.  In fact I can think back even further to 

before I started school.  My mother used to give me finger paints to play with on a 

rainy day.  That was really a treat.  I also remember summer camp and arts and crafts.  Recently I found

some old papers my mom kept.  One was a "report card" from my camp.  The counselor

wrote "Marilyn does not seem to hold much interest in hiking and sports.  She is 

much more interested in painting and crafts".  I had to laugh  -- I showed the inclination from a young 

age.  I just didn't start until my 50's.  

This is the journey.......

I started rubber stamping thinking I would save all kinds of money making my own greeting

cards!!!   What a laugh.  Years later I had spent fortunes on stamps and various must-have

supplies.  I graduated into different mediums, and it has all been a lot of fun.  I have become addicted to

photography and digital editing.  My how time flies when I'm having fun!! I did not include this year. 

I'm taking yet another class with Kim (and Xanthe) and continuing on with my photo edits in  



nancyjean said...

hi Marilyn, i had to smile when i read your post! I too was into stamping and have spent tons of money on all those fact i even opened a stamping store!! Glad to meet you at Behind the Scenes...thanks for visiting my blog!

Ahayes1225 said...

Yes, I agree. The timelines are similar. I just turned 50 this year. Nice to meet you.

Lissa Forbes said...

I love your timeline--shows your creative side whereas my shows my analytical side. Hmmm. Yours also makes me think I need to go back further and really consider the work I've loved over the long haul. Thanks for inspiring me. ;->

Michelle said...

I enjoyed reading your timeline, and I look forward to reading more during our BTS class. :)

cathy @ma vie trouvee said...

I think this could be my timeline! esp the part about saving money making my own cards by buying rubber stamps....

Geri - said...

Funny how we start out to "save" money and end up spending way more making our own! I enjoyed seeing your creative journey map!

smiles, Sharon said...

What a brilliant made me think of my own timeline. I need to sketch it out and make it real. Isn't it amazing how we grow and grow and grow. Not too many places in the world where we can spend time on creativity....smiles: sharon