Monday, June 11, 2012

New Things

No Texture Tuesday this week, but I worked on some new things.  I took some photos of peonies I brought home from Trader Joe's.  They were really disappointing -- only one opened.  The rest just sort of crashed.  I tried some different processing on this one peony.  I used Kim Klassen's "canvasback" texture plus Bonnie's "golden bokeh" texture on the first image below.

I practiced outlining my font below -- don't want to forget  how to do that.

I thought I would post some of my work for a Photoshop "Selections" class I'm taking. Go to this link and click on"online courses" to check it out. I really needed to learn the skill of selection and extracting.
I first selected the foxglove from another photo I had and then applied it to one of my paintings.  I actually used it three times in different sizes.
Then I played with different filters to get the different looks below.

Then we learned how to make our own masks from scratch.  We selected one flower out of a group and placed it on a background with copies of the flower made smaller.  That formed the larger corner image.  We then made it into a sillouhette and so on..... to get the look below.
Another thing I learned how to do was work with selected shapes, rectangular and elliptical.  For fun I did some color blocking and messed around with these two....

It's a really fun class, and I learned so much.  I plan to take more of Ann's classes.  The first two classes are free, so how can you lose?


Janet said...

wow...Marilyn! you have some amazing art work here! (and going back several posts!!) I definitely will check out Ann's class! Wonderful work you have here!

Linneas Atelje Photography said...

Isn't it incredibly fun with Photoshop, I think so too!
Have a nice week.

Barb said...

Hi Marilyn,
My GrPa raised peonies, they had huge heads and were so colorful!
Luv what you did with your "disappointing" photos, especially luv the colorful filters you used on the hollyhocks (?).
Happy creating,