Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bloom True Update - End of Class

So my wonderful painting class is over, but I'm not over!/?
I haven't finished my two canvases.  I got stuck and stayed stuck for a few weeks.  I'm now starting to get unstuck!  Is that a word???
I'm still unfinished but getting closer.  I eliminated some things that I felt were just too much clutter.  Here's the latest look on Canvas 1.  I haven't touched Canvas 2 since the last update.  I'll get to that one when I finish this one.  
After I decide what to do with the lower left corner (below), I'll put on the "icing" as Flora calls it.
It truly was a fun class.  I've never painted quite this way, and it is very freeing.  It's unusual not to have any idea what I'm going to paint when I start  --  just to go with the flow, so to speak.  It's a bit scary as well, because I had no plan -- I just waited for something to unfold.......just appear from the marks and images.  Then I had too much and needed to whittle it down.  That means, whittle the color palette and images if need be.  For a long time I didn't like the painting and thought maybe I never would finish, but I think I like it now.  We've moved through the awkward teen-ager stage.
Stay tuned.  


peggy gatto said...

Just wonderful bold and beautiful!!!

Sherri Cassell said...

I love this, such great colors.

Diane said...

THis is amazing! I am totally in awe with FLora's work. I LOVE what you've done here!

Anonymous said...

it looks beautiful!

Preeti said...

Hey there ! this is such a vibrant and colourful work. Loved the colors and contrast. And the emotion behind the line "just waited for something to unfold" looks so familiar. Thanks for sharing the beautiful work.