Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have really been enjoying Kim Klassen's "Round Trip" Lightroom class.  

I feel like I did when I first started Photoshop Elements  -- lost!!  I  try to keep reminding myself

how far I've come in PSE as a guideline. 

Today's theme for Texture Tuesday is "Dream".

Though I did not use any photo textures here, I kept thinking about this mixed media 

piece I did several years ago and decided to play with it in Lightroom so I could

apply some of what I've learned in that class.

Isn't is amazing how I gravitate to my favorite color palette -- purple and green or some

variation thereof?  

See you all next week when I come up for air from the Lightroom class!



jacki long said...

So you, right? Love it and the vibrant colors that you do so well. You're doing GREAT!

johanna said...

i also like this color combination of turquoise and purple. great mixed media piece!

Deanna said...

Great collage and I do love those colors. Glad you are enjoying the Lightroom class...still haven't started to tackle it yet!!

Kathryn said...

Love the color palette I can see why you are drawn to them.

Sylvia said...

Lovely artwork, Marilyn, beautiful colors !
Nice week,

Jean Baardsen said...

Very nice! Love the way the M from Dream is on the second line!

Carole M. said...

I'm wondering if the text was already on your mixed media piece and you've just worked the colours for this new look? I love the text applications on pieces like this, they always add such a nice dimension I feel - interest. And yes, the colours look fantastic; I tend to favour colours like these you've chosen also. Great look Marilyn. Sounds like you're having lots of fun and learning lots of good things with your course. I can imagine it being somewhat overwhelming but you seem to have conquered admirably. Well done!

Becs said...

Beautiful colours. You've created a lovely piece of art.

Lisa Gordon said...

I really love this, Marilyn.
Truly a work of art, and the perfect color combination.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Rosemary Aubut said...

Wow looks like a fun class! Love this color palette also!

Currie Silver said...

Love this, Marilyn!! I have been having fun with my own art, making it digital, fiddling with it, creating art from my art and using my art for building new art. It is just amazing.

I am glad you are enJOYing Lightroom and likening your experience there to PSE. I am still waffling about here and there, reminding myself that it is the learning and discovery I love so much more than the KNOWING.

Funny how learning teaches me what I know.

Tess @ Pro-tography 101 said...

Beautiful colors. The combination is my favorite.

Evelyn said...

A work of art and gorgeous rich colours!

Mira Crisp said...

Wow! I never thought of purple and green as a pair of secondary colors that would work so well together!

Lynne Daley said...

Beautiful collage. I"ve just begun the Lightroom class, too and am totally confused. Will have to keep on it, though!