Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Photoshop Artistry

Seems I have played the week away and just now have come up with a result I actually like.  This Photoshop Artistry is a fun class and there is just so much to learn!  I have created my own brushes now and previously, but I must admit I get so confused when saving them.  I now have a duplicate drop down of my brushes sets. Cannot figure out how that happened or how to fix it.  I think I have the standard brush sets and more in PSE 9, and the same with a few different brush sets in PSE11.  PSE11 is misbehaving, so I reverted to PSE9.   Somewhere in that process I think my saving sets got messed up.  
In this image I actually started with a texture and added lots of grunge brushes in different analagous colors.  I added an image of some type of wheel or gear and an image of a woman.  I also added a vector.  Many blend modes and images later this is what I ended up with.
There's a  thin white border which is not visible on this white background. It may show up better in Flickr.  Also used my stroke selection around the text. 
Thanks for visiting and have a great day!! 


Jacki Long said...

Yes Flicker does show not only the border but a better view of the gorgeous details that I didn't see on the blog screen. Nice work Marilyn.

Marty Mason said...

Marilyn.....this is wonderful. I must get back to Photoshop!!

Diane said...

Oh Marilyn....This is just beautiful! I love the blending of everything & the colors. I haven't visited for a while so I was blown away when I saw this post. You are doing some very nice work!