Friday, March 07, 2014

DLP - Week 9

Yea!!!!  I finally have my house back.  Contractors finished up the two bathrooms Wednesday.  It has only been six weeks since all the work started, but it seems like a year!!
I am posting my Week 9 spread for Documented Life Project.  The challenge was to use something recycled.  I kept this Dietrich's Coffee cup when I knew they were closing their coffee shop biz.  They've been gone for a couple years... maybe more.  I think they may still sell wholesale.  Many people cried when the shops closed.  There were people who made clothing from their burlap coffee bags.  LOL  So this cup was so appropriate for the "recycled item" challenge.
~ calm ~

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Jacki Long said...

Cool Marilyn! Especially love the orange! ;o)