Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 11

Two weeks have raced by….can't tell you what happened.  Life just has a way of getting in the way sometimes.
I finally finished this spread for week 11 of the Documented Life Project. The challenge was to draw, photograph or collage a bird into the spread.  I kept waiting for the perfect bird image to use…thought maybe I was actually going to have to draw a bird.  That would be a novel idea .  But I did finally find the image in an old Victoria magazine.  You know how you have the "Aha" moment?  I just knew I wanted to use it.  Plus I have the washi tape with the birds on the line that I could also incorporate.
I keep telling myself 15 minutes a day.  I should be journaling every day!  Notice the "should".  I find that I want to make my journal entries little works of art.  I'm not happy to sit down and slap some paint and writing on a page.  I just have to mull over these page spreads, and it takes me several days or sometimes a couple weeks to finish them.
I'm happy with this one and so on to the next one -- Week 12 which is to "cut up a magazine and add to a spread."  I sort of did that here, but I love cutting up magazines, so it will be more fun.
~ calm ~


Jacki Long said...

I think this is FABULOUS Marilyn,
the colors, the layout, just everything!
Whatever you method ...
just keep it up ! ♥
This is GREAT!!! ♥

Carole M. said...

I guess they should come easy...and I suppose they might, the more often you do this journalling -- but I'd definately be like you Marilyn, I'd think, and think, and then go and get another cuppa....and think, and then go do some gardening!