Monday, May 18, 2015

Artist Tools of the Trade

I love paint brushes in all sizes, shapes, materials, long handles, short handles, covered with paint or clean.
These are a few (the clean ones) of my collection.  
I cut this picture up and made a layout with the various crops on which I had added different presets.
Can't decide which preset I like best…….but either Old English or Eve.  Presets offer so much - they can give an image mystery, depth, contrast  and generally give the same image many different looks.    I just really like working with them because they are such a quick fix.  It's like being a decorator with your images.  Pop a few colorful pillows here and there, and voila…you have a new look.
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~ Calm ~


Renuko Style said...

They all look great! There is nothing like a shot of worn paint brushes to get me thinking creatively.

Dotti said...

I think paint brushes in a container make a wonderful photography subject! When we were on Kauai a couple of years ago, we found this ketchy little town with an artist's studio and right in the window was a can of paint brushes. Do you know, it's one of my favorite photos from that trip? Can you imagine, with all that Hawaiian beauty around me, I fell in love with a can of paint brushes.

Jacki Long said...

I like them all Marilyn, and agree they make a great composition. Love your work.

Michelle B said...

I can never decide which preset looks best either! All the presets you used look great. It is a lot of fun. Your brushes remind me of my mom, she love to paint.

abrianna said...

I like the way LaLightly brins out the brown tones in this image. but there is not a "bad" one in the bunch.

NC Sue said...

Nice variations.
I couldn't begin to select a favorite - they're all nice!
Won't you please link up at I hope to see you each week!

Sylvia said...

What a lovely collection, Marilyn !
All presets look great ... but I so love the Old English one ... wonderful tones !
Happy weekend,

Prairie Jill said...

Nice seeing several effects together in one layout. But I still can't pick a favourite!