Monday, May 04, 2015

Breathing in Stillness

In our "Be Still" class we are practicing stillness as in
Be Still - breathe just prior to taking a photo. Our photos should be better if we take the time to be still first.
Take a breath when we feel overloaded or stressed.  It interrupts that pattern of crazy thinking/feeling.
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As an introvert, I relish my time alone.  Don't get me wrong….I love getting together with friends.  I like to laugh and talk as much as the most social people.  
I just can't do it as long. 
For a long time I was concerned that I might be bored or lonely after I retired.  I had a crazy, stressful job in sales for 30+ years.  You see, for many years I did not realize I was an introvert.  Go figure….why would an introvert be in sales?  Who knows.  I guess I did not think of it as sales.  I loved what I did - interviewing companies and potential candidates for their jobs…..matchmaking!  It was a great career but I was ready to have some quality alone time for me!!
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I collect Buddhas,  and I believe it's because they give me such a feeling of serenity.  I learned to meditate years ago.  I still don't always find the time nor am I disciplined enough to sit quietly for a length of time every day, but I find that art and photography/image editing are meditative for me. I get cranky when I don't have the quiet time to do these things.  I think I shot these images knowing they would give me that feeling of quiet stillness just as the Buddhas do.
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When I do find that time, I feel just like I've had a day at the spa.  These activities refresh me.  
What refreshes you?  What do you do that gives you a blissful feeling?  Maybe it is going to the spa, or maybe it's music, or maybe prayer?   
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I'll be linking up to Texture Tuesday on Tuesday as well as The Studio and Be Still. 
May you have a blissful week!  
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Jacki Long said...

Really beautiful images Marilyn, no wonder it brings you such bliss & joy. What font is "spa day?" Love it!

Gail Pierce said...

I too am an introvert and photography/editing are often my meditation.
Lovely post and photos!

The Artful Diva said...

wonderful photos. I love the clay pots and cups.

abrianna said...

I like the pop of red in the second and fourth shots. Goes so well with the dark and glossy elements in the photo.

Viv@Thoughts from the Desktop said...

Marilyn these are so beautiful, the black, grey and red together a perfect match and I love your teapot...

Carola Bartz said...

Beautiful images, Marilyn. I'm so far behind with the Be Still class...
Photography for me is always refreshing. I simnply love to do it. Just today I did a little still life set up and took some shots, and afterwards I felt so good and really perked up! I feel the same when I paint or create something. Indeed, it is very refreshing!

Sharon said...

Such peaceful images, Marilyn.I'm pleased to hear you are relaxing and enjoying retirement. We are thinking about it and I always wonder if I would miss the hectic routine of work. I have yet to ask a retired person and hear, "No, I wish I hadn't retired." Everyone seems to LOVE it!

elizabeth said...

What a beautiful series of photos that embody peacefulness. I too am an introvert, and INFJ personality type that comes across as a friendly people person,but needs time alone to recharge.

EarlK said...

Beautiful. What wonderful tea pots. Love the stacked stones.