Friday, April 14, 2006

Oriental Wall Hanging

I get a monthly project from my local fun art store called The Art Bar. They send the neatest papers and accessories. I think I will give this one to my girlfriend who loves all things oriental


Pam Stevens said...

Hi, I really love the oriental piece you completed. Could you share with us how you constructed it? What materials did you work with to make it? Please tell us more!

Marilyn said...

I covered a piece of matboard with one of the oriental papers. I collaged a few pieces of other oriental ephemera, used a rubber stamp for the Japanese "long life" symbol, the lady and the red oriental stamp. I used encaustic wax in clear and red to accent. Created holes in the top and bottom with an awl. Used wire to attach the oriental ornament (coin?) Added a couple beads to the top wires and then wired the chopstick to those to use as a hanger. Thanks for viewing and leaving your comments.