Saturday, November 04, 2006

Greeting Cards

Some Greeting Cards I made to have on hand. The way I entered the art world was through rubber stamps. I knew I could not draw, but I liked color and anything creative. I was going to save so much money on greeting cards!!! Well, a few years have passed and all I have done is spend mucho dineros on greeting cards. This did, however, get me involved in art, eventually leading to paper collages, acrylic painting, dabbling in watercolors and finally learning to sketch. So I justify spending all that money because it has placed me on a learning curve. Everyday is new and exciting. There's always a new technique. Reading Danny Gregory's book "Creative License" and joining a couple Yahoo Groups expanded my world. Then I, who am so not technical, had to actually put together a blog. I did not really know what a blog was. I thought it was for people who just wanted to write their thoughts. They are obviously for that purpose as well as various other purposes.


Lin said...

LOVELY!!! The recipients should LOVE THEM!

Felicity said...

These cards are beautiful! I too love rubber stamps and oh yes! how I was going to save money :)!! I don't use them now but I do love looking at them!

(I meant to say on EDM, that I have the same thing signing in and out even though I tick that box. Must be just for show!)