Friday, October 03, 2008

Note Cards

These are note cards using one of my sketches. A friend asked me to make some note cards for her. It was another computer CHALLENGE!!! not having done this. It seems so simple now that I've done it, but I must have spent 2 hours just trying to figure out how to work with a template. My friend Lin had previously sent me some collage napkins and enclosed a beautiful embossed note with one of her watercolor sketches. Do go to her blog and see all her wonderful sketches. I emailed her and asked how she did it. She sent me downloads of horizontal and vertical templates. My challenge was that I could not figure out how to place my image within the embossed borders. Couple emails later and I finally figured out I could click on the image and drag in the corners. It's so easy unless you don't know how to do it. I like these because there are times when I don't want to send a totally handmade card with lots of work on it knowing it's going to be tossed. (But Lin, I still have your luscious olive branch note card and plan to keep it. ) This way I'm out a note card and some printer ink. It's so much fun just learning little things on the computer. I'm frustrated when I don't get it, but totally jazzed when I finally do get it!!!


Lin said...

Marilyn!These look fabulous!!! BRAVA!!! You did it!! (and thank you for the kind comments -- and the blog award!!) -- Computer stuff really is a challenge -- like an entirely new language with all sorts of 'musts' one wouldn't even think one had to know!!! LOL I really like these a lot Marilyn -- and I know their recipients will to! Blessings again, my friend -- keep that brush moving -- with all the fall colors ready to come on -- I can just see you having a blast with these cards!

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