Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'm excited because Trudi from Two Dresses Studio is busy designing a new banner and background for my blog.  I have thought for some time that my blog needed to be dressed up a bit.  It looked pretty boring, but I'm about as techie as a paper towel holder.  After seeing Jennifer's blog, I decided to see what Trudi could do for me.  We've been emailing back and forth with questions and ideas.  I'm really ready to have something different.  You can go here to see her ready-made backgrounds and banners, or she can custom design for you if you have your own ideas.  The question is how many of us design our own, and how many would like someone else to do it for them?  I think that depends on computer savvy.  I'm amazed that I could even start a blog -- well, come to think of it, I couldn't have without a host like Blogger.  Maybe I could have, but it would have taken me into my next lifetime to do it.   I'm happily waiting to what Trudi comes up with.

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Sharon said...

How fun and exciting. I'm with you girlfriend, thank goodness for blogger templates!

Can't wait to see your new look.