Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's much more fun to do art than go to the gym.  I don't quite remember when the little aches, pains, stiffness etc. started.  I really can't complain, but I never used to think about my body except when applying makeup or trying some new sport that really made me "stretch" my abilities.  I hate having the workouts hang over my head, so I go at least three days a week and then I can enjoy my art if I get to it.  I'm always saying "I don't know when I had time to work full time" -- and I don't.  I have so much respect for all of you who work and have children at home and get masses of art done and posted, not to mention being active in many of the Yahoo art groups.....I have to say you're just more organized than I.  Oh yes, and I am up at 6am.  I do go to bed around 10:30 though.  On those sleepless nights I prowl my groups and try to get caught up on messages.

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