Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Final Three Days

I'm sad to come to the end of the Jessica Sprague class.
These three pictures are the final three lessons. Summer
at the Beach was a lesson in creating
a storyboard. Then lesson 12 and 13 were
creating the montage and selection of one square for color.
I loved the class so much I signed up for another class -- this one
on photo editing. She also has a class
coming up in the fall (I believe it's actually happening now as well, but
too late to get into the current class) on digital
photography. I will probably take that as well. Now I think it's time
to get back to getting my fingers into glue
and my hands on paint brushes. It's been fun learning some
basics in Photoshop that I can apply to my art as well as photos.
Just working with brushes is really exciting. Someone
in one of my groups told us about The Fifth Muse for
brushes. They are truly beautiful.
Wishing you all a beautiful, creative day!

Day 14

Day 13

Day 12


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