Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Today I felt myself back away from the chaos of the holidays.......I'm enjoying some quiet and solitude.  Years ago our tradition was to buy for each family member on both sides.  As time went on, we changed that tradition to drawing names and finally we have settled on gifts only for the children.  Last year Mike and I gave one gift to each other.  This year we said let's go out for a nice dinner.  We don't need any more things.  We are all decorated with the tree and mantle plus little white lights on the shrub outside by the entryway.  The grands will come on the 18th to make cookies.  This is a tradition we honor each year.  It is so much fun.  I've attempted bring some variety into the mix, but they are happy with the same sugar cookies decorated with colored icing and sprinkles!   
I'd like to hear from all of you regarding
 the traditions you celebrate.  Perhaps you celebrate traditions other than Christmas.   Do you bake, entertain, do you stay home, do you travel to stay with relatives or have a "destination holiday"? 

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Vicki Holdwick said...


This is very cool and very much like what I do. I like it with the color of the text.

The only difference between yours and the tutorial is that as a last step I lower the fill of the text layer to 0%. That way you see the color of the background through the beveled letters instead of the text color.