Monday, August 16, 2010


Ten years ago I hardly knew what the internet was or how to navigate around a computer.  Thank goodness my son was very techie.  I learned a lot with his input.  I didn't have a clue about blogs.  I had heard of them but that was about it.....until I wanted a way to share my art and enjoy others' art.  It all started when I read Danny Gregory's book "The Creative License".  I decided maybe I could draw.  I was so inspired by his book I emailed him, and he suggested I join his  Yahoo group "Everyday Matters".   I did just that though I had never been part of a group online  -- another technical hurdle, I thought at the time.  Wow, this was an incredible adventure.  There were literally hundreds of people all posting messages regarding art and techniques.  These people had blogs and they had Flickr pages to show their art.  How did they do that?  I was determined to learn.  I had to create my own blog.  Whew!  I struggled with it, but I managed to do it without knowing one thing about HTML.  Thanks to "Blogger" and many of you bloggers out there, I too could be in the blogging world.  It might have been a little easier if the book "Blogging for Bliss" by Tara Frey had been out.
Because of blogs, I have been able to watch informative videos, take online classes in photography and Photoshop Elements as well as other art techniques.  Have you noticed the improved quality of these video courses?  What about the incredible  variety of subjects covered?  I have to say I also appreciate all the wonderful artists who share their knowledge freely with YouTube videos on their blog. 
So, why do I blog?  Is it sheer ego?  I mean really, who cares about my art or what I have to say?  Well I care about others' artistic endeavors and what they have to share.  It's all been very inspirational for me.  It has helped me improve my art.  I think it provides a social outlet and it's an instrument for sharing ideas and concepts.  
Blogging, tweeting, Facebook -- all these are fast becoming the fabric of social networking.  I raise my hand/drink to them.  What?  I don't even belong to Facebook and I haven't the foggiest notion about Twitter.  Maybe, in the near future.... For now, blogging is enough for me. 
What about you?  Why do you blog? 


marianne said...

i started blogging as a way to focus on my art daily, even if it was just posting a photo. tho the daily part has loosened up, blogging does help my focus. seeing pieces in progress from the remove of the computer screen helps with problem solving (as do helpful ideas from fellow bloggers!) a great tool, all in all-

Diane said...

That was a great post, Marilyn! I started blogging (at the urging of a friend) just prior to attending Artfest in 2008. I was such a novice & barely knew what I was doing. Blogging & art has really been a savior for me, especially after losing my husband. I love visiting old & new blogs & so value all the blogging friendships I have made. It's an incredible world! Have a beautiful weekend! Hugs, Diane

Joyce at Calico Paint said...

Interesting question. I guess I started as a way to share my art with people I had connected with through on-line classes. But now it's become a daily inspiration to follow other bloggers and to find art and creativity in all facets of my life. I've found "soul mates" across the ocean, I'm amazed when I see that someone from far, far away has landed on my blog, and I look forward every day to seeing what new posts have appeared for me to look at. Blogging's fun, it's educational, it's inspirational, and it's humbling. I'm so glad I have connected with you and others who inspire me daily. Thanks for taking the time to learn the ropes and be one of my blogging buddies!!!