Monday, September 13, 2010

Where is my Painting Muse?

I've been having so much fun with PS, I've done no painting.  I keep walking by the work space and telling myself I will sit down and paint.  But my painting muse is either asleep or jealous of my time spent with PS.  I did start these two pieces several weeks ago, but I just don't seem drawn to them to complete them.
The object of learning PS was so that I could combine my art (painting) with various images to create digital works.  I do need to create the paintings so I have something to "merge" with.....duh!!
So here are the rudimentary works to be continued whenever....or when my muse returns?

"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start (or complete) a thing.  Action always generates inspiration.  Inspiration seldom generates action"
 ~Frank Tibolt


Sharon said...

I love this quote Marilyn! And how true it is. Once one gets bitten by the PS bug it can be very captivating. :)

Diane said...

I like the whitewater very much! I'll be interested to see what you do with it. Hugs, Diane

marianne said...

i haven't "painted" for several years. i used to paint landscapes & dog portraits in oil, but things happened & i started playing with mixed media & now i have owed a friend a dog portrait for longer than i care to admit. sometimes thing just move in a different direction. i do have to say, tho, that one of the things i love about mixed media is the ability to incorporate my photography, so maybe the 2 will come together, but not in the way you originally planned. it'll be fun to see what happens!