Saturday, August 13, 2011

Butterfly Collage

Still enamored with Nick's "Green #1,  I decided to apply it to one of my collaged journal pages.  It does wonderful things for images. Here is the original.  I love the gold mica flecks in it which don't show up very well on the computer monitor.
And here is the edited version 
I used two of Kim Klassen's brushes, one from her "affirmation" collection and one from her "touch of whimsey" collection. Then I added a frame for this look and Kim's Inspire brush.

  Thanks, Kim and Nick!  You make my images look all dressed up!!


missing moments said...

These are great! Very well done!

from Sharon said...

First thank you for visiting my TT photos! I love following the links and voila here I am seeing your wonderful photo manipulations! They are fantastic. I will definitely visit your site often. I am very very new at this, and much to learn. In fact I have been doing the TT on original oil paintings and seeing how I like that. Very beginner but a good start. Thanks for the descriptions of what you do. Enjoy your day! smiles: sharon

Hilary said...

These are wonderful.. as are your previous posted images (I've been scrolling). I love you you define yourself as "new artist" in your profile. Not much about me is new, and yet just about everything I attempt is. A fine term.

Evelyn said...

Your artwork is lovely!