Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anna Sunbathing

Anna says to tell you we're very sorry.  Our computer is misbehaving in a big way!  We are unable to work in Photoshop for the time being.  However, we can visit your blogs and leave comments on your work.  In the meantime, could you bring us some iced tea???  This sun is really warm....... but we like it.
Don't you just love Anna's wonky ears?  


Barb said...

Sweet or unsweet??
Sending Anna a "pat."

geetlee said...

OMG I love Anna! :)
I hope photoshop stops acting wonky soon, have a great weekend!

kkkkaty said...

If her ears are an indication of her personality, I'll bet she is an affable, playful and loyal pet!!

lisa said...

She is adorable Marilyn!
Hope all is well again with your computer real soon.