Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PicMonkey Onsite Editor Review

I have been experimenting with some of the free online editing sites since Picnik is gone as of the  19th.  I know there are programs I can download but don't think I want to do that since I pretty much do most of my editing in PSE.  This is a result of my first trial - PicMonkey.  I like some things about it, and it seems simple enough.  Not quite as intuitive as Picnik.  Not as many goodies either -- not as all encompassing as PicNik but it's a start.  For instance I found their overlay/textures difficult because I couldn't figure out how to use their "paint brush" to remove texture on parts of my image.  I also think they should have an "undo" feature.  They say they will soon have the ability to make collages or montages, so......
This is a picture of a couple of my budgies that I bred last year.  Hard to get a good picture through bars of a cage, but this turned out pretty good.  In PicMonkey I cropped and changed exposure and added the polaroid frame plus some text.  I do love this polaroid frame -- very similar to Picnik's.
I tried a couple of their "effects" but ended up with their logo in the bottom left corner.  I didn't like that!
Stay tuned for more trials.  I would love to hear from everyone out there that is using these sites -- how do they compare -- what do you like and what do you not like?

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