Thursday, July 19, 2012

From Day 10

Woo hoo!!!  I just completed Week 10 and decided to post a layout 

from my own template.  I absolutely loved the layout Kim did

with Lightroom.  It looked so easy but since I don't have

Lightroom, I did it the long way by making my own template. 

Xanthe had a couple great videos for this.

I always wondered how the little graphic additions (like this circle 

with text) were done and now I know.  Thank you, Xanthe! 


Lissa Forbes said...

Perfect! Love your flowers and your little circle with text adds a really nice touch!! You're doing great, kid! lol

Lissa Forbes said...

PS Beautiful bench garden. Is that in your back yard? Wow, would I love to have that spot to spend quiet time in!!

Carole M. said...

such fun you're having Marilyn; graphics will get into your blood now! Great elements you've created.

smiles, Sharon said...

Hi Marilyn, You are zooming along in all of your artistic talents. I was checking Flickr, which I forget to do for weeks on end, and saw some of your postings. You have some amazing textures, photos, and imagery. I was so super impressed with your Ann Passmore class that I checked it out and signed up late....not sure if that is a good idea or not!!!! I will pay close attention to what you create. I also realized you took Kim's latest class on "blogging" can't remember the name. I am curious to how you have enjoyed this class. I find it impossible to keep up with so many classes and new ideas, despite loving everythingl. So it is a real treat to visit your website and see that YOU ARE DOING IT ALL!!!! Keep up the excellent work.

louciao said...

I'm impressed! It's so cool to learn new tricks.

Anonymous said...

I love this layout...did you do it in lightroom? I want this program so bad...]