Sunday, July 15, 2012

Home Again

I'm home from my trip to Arizona.  I spent a few days with my good friend, Shelley and her darling

 kitty, Rumi.  She visited Southern California and I rode back with her.  This was our first stop

Starbucks, of course!!
At 114 degrees, we spent all our time indoors.  

I'm so far behind on my classes - I'm alternating between my blogging class with Kim and Xanthe and 

my class with Ann on "Brushes, Patterns and Colors".  Each of these classes is jam packed with

 information so it is hard keeping up.  Taking a vacation to Arizona put me even further behind, so I'm 

madly trying to catch up.

Here's what I worked on today.  In Ann's class I learned to use the impressionist brush in PSE.

and yesterday...  I learned how to make my own swirl and then create a brush and a frame with it.  

We learned

 how to make a shape into a brush and then learned all about spacing, hue jitter, scatter and fade

 functions of our brush.  

Tomorrow is going to be even more fun.  I better check in on Kim and Xanthe's class first though.



Carole M. said...

Hi Marilyn! How special to spend some time with a friend like you did; I love your photograph and also to learn that you're enjoying online classes and learning new things to work with in your digital art. I especially like the first tulips image.

Lissa Forbes said...

I love your swirl brushes, Marilyn. I've been wondering how to create one's own brushes. Will have to check out Ann's Brushes, Patterns, and Colors. Looks like fun.

Is that you on the right -- different from your profile pic. ;->

I lived in Arizona for 18 years; Tucson and Tempe. Don't think I'll ever go back now. I've had my days of that heat!

louciao said...

Exciting stuff! Love what you did with the tulips.

Geri - said...

Looks like you are getting a lot out of your classes! I bet you're glad to be back to the cooler CA climate!

Sherri Cassell said...

Hi Marilyn, I love what you are doing in your Brushes, Patterns and Colors class. I am tempted to sign up for it too. I am sad that Kim and Xanthe's class is over now, I am still trying to play catch up. It was so nice meeting you in the class and Happy Blogging!

Robyn Greenhouse said...

i LOVE your rose pictures! I could see them all side by side on a wall somewhere in my house!