Sunday, December 16, 2012

Art District - Santa Ana

My good friend Jacki and I decided to do a photo walk in the art district of Santa Ana.

We started with lunch for her birthday.  We ate at the funky Gypsy Den.
  The inside is early grungy garage style.

Jacki had a grilled cheese with avocado

and I had a salad/soup combo.
And..... the dessert was....drum roll, please.....
creme brûlée.  Okay, we split it!!
The food is terrific -- mostly vegetarian but also some healthy chicken/tuna.
Our darling waitress Emily.  
There are some beautiful old buildings in the art district.  The architecture is straight out of the early 1900's -- maybe even older.
 The entrance to the Santora Building below 
 a Corinthian column which is part of one of the buildings
 Even a gargoyle on a magnificent old building
 And the clock tower

Since downtown Santa Ana is heavily Hispanic, there
were windows of Quinceanero dresses for sale.

  For those of you who are not familiar with the term, Quinceanero is a celebration for a 
girl's 15th birthday, sort of a Spanish Bat Mitzvah or coming of age party.  I like the way 
the image shows the dress and a wonderful reflection.
Since it is the art district, I tried to capture some of the 
local color.
Does this mean my hair cut would be permanent?
A cool sign with Marilyn Monroe for a tatoo store.
 I like the happenings for this restaurant right on the window. I   also like the reflection of the staircase in this image.
And heavens, we must remember to take care of the bartender!!
The sign on the entrance to the Santora Building
My friend Lissa started a linky party called Walk and Click Wednesdays.  I think I'll submit this for the coming week.
See you soon.  
Live with all you've got!!!


Seth said...

That was fun. Thanks for the tour!

jacki long said...

Great shots Marilyn! It was a really special day and I am so glad you wrote about it. More to come.

Rosemary Aubut said...

What a day! Enjoy your Holidays!