Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well, I still have my computer problem, and I don't think it's Photoshop.  It is just so slow!!!  Arghhh!! I'm going to take it to the "genius bar" at Apple and let them figure it out.  Of course that means I'll be without a computer (horrors) for a few days.  Oh well, there's always my IPad.
It took me a hour to do this simple edit only because it is so darned slow.  I used Pixlr for the super thin frame.  I just felt the need to post something.
and with a PicMonkey polaroid frame....

My blog will probably be quiet for several days, but I'll be following all of you and checking in on Texture Tuesday and Photo Art Friday.  
For all of you with IPhones, I found a new challenge for IPhonography.  Go to Dave's blog and check it out.  I don't have an IPhone yet so can't play on this one.  But many of you are taking great pics with your IPhones.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nancy's Texture Challenge

Photoshop is limping along.  It has been contrary about when it feels like it.  I think either one of my external hard drives or my actual hard drive is trying to "die".  A lot of misbehaving going on.   Seagate is sending a replacement external hard drive.  If I continue to have the problem, I may be purchasing a new computer.  Doesn't seem like I should have's only 3+ years old.
I had already done this editing pre misbehaving.  So I'm posting and hoping to be back in gear shortly.
First the original for the skateboarder.....
I was standing behind the fence, so you can see the green swath of one of the bars on the right.  I think the texture worked well with that little faux pax.  I used Nancy's "Grunge 1" 

Another image original
and a couple of edits using Nancy's textures.

I can't tell you what I did on these because I did them before all the computer problems.  I know I used Topaz Adjust and I believe I used Pixlr for the bottom frame.  Can't remember which of Nancy's textures I used on this one.  
Anyway, I wish you all a great week and keep "texturizing".

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anna Sunbathing

Anna says to tell you we're very sorry.  Our computer is misbehaving in a big way!  We are unable to work in Photoshop for the time being.  However, we can visit your blogs and leave comments on your work.  In the meantime, could you bring us some iced tea???  This sun is really warm....... but we like it.
Don't you just love Anna's wonky ears?  

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's a Free Day for Texture Tuesday

No particular theme today.

 We are instructed to use any texture of Kim's and have fun!  I was testing my little Coolpix point and shoot to see how close I could get with the macro setting.  Pretty close but of course, nothing like a real macro lens.  I took this photo of one of my "true geraniums" and doctored it with Kim's "Lily" texture and Pixlr.
The original first..... 
Then + "Lily" texture
I opened the file and hit Cmd J to duplicate, then used hue blend 100%.  I added one layer of "Lily" desaturated on hard light 86% and then a second layer of "Lily" (normal color) on lighter color 82%.  That's basically it.

and then I had some fun in Pixlr

Almost as much fun as Picnik!!
It truly feels like Spring here - the sun has been out all day!  Yay!!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pixlr Online Editor Review

This is my second trial for online editors.  I like Pixlr a lot.  It has a vast array of tools including many fonts for text, lots of frames, lots of special  effect and goodies to add to your image.  It's pretty intuitive and easy to use.
Here are two of my edits of one of my grands.

  On the top image I cropped and experimented with their "papers" (somewhat like wallpaper) and their frames.  I like the "Kodat" touch in the lower right corner.  On the bottom image I cropped,  used the teeth whitener, a different frame, a sticker (the star with dots which I used as a thought bubble) and one of the label fonts.
I think I'm going to be using this quite a bit for fun add-ons.
Be sure to see my previous review on PicMonkey here.

Digital Creation

This week for Photo Art Friday one of our options was to submit any work of art we wished.  I'm posting some edits of a portrait shot of my grand.  
Here's the original
The next two edits were done in Topaz Adjust after PSE.  I selected their option "surprise me".  I incorporated an image of daisies in the first image and lowered the opacity.
On the second image I used some of my background paintings as textures. I lowered the opacity and left the design on her face in the second image.  I may have also used Topaz Adjust on this one and I think I used hard light blend.
This edit was a PSE edit using the wave filter.  Again my two background paintings were used as textures.
and finally another Topaz Adjust edit using the "smooth and flat" option.
I think I'm partial to the first edit with the daisies.  That is probably because purple and green and all shades of both are my favorite colors. 
You definitely want to link over to Photo Art Friday and see the other entries.
Photo Art Friday
Now go and have yourself a "happy spring" week!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

PicMonkey Onsite Editor Review

I have been experimenting with some of the free online editing sites since Picnik is gone as of the  19th.  I know there are programs I can download but don't think I want to do that since I pretty much do most of my editing in PSE.  This is a result of my first trial - PicMonkey.  I like some things about it, and it seems simple enough.  Not quite as intuitive as Picnik.  Not as many goodies either -- not as all encompassing as PicNik but it's a start.  For instance I found their overlay/textures difficult because I couldn't figure out how to use their "paint brush" to remove texture on parts of my image.  I also think they should have an "undo" feature.  They say they will soon have the ability to make collages or montages, so......
This is a picture of a couple of my budgies that I bred last year.  Hard to get a good picture through bars of a cage, but this turned out pretty good.  In PicMonkey I cropped and changed exposure and added the polaroid frame plus some text.  I do love this polaroid frame -- very similar to Picnik's.
I tried a couple of their "effects" but ended up with their logo in the bottom left corner.  I didn't like that!
Stay tuned for more trials.  I would love to hear from everyone out there that is using these sites -- how do they compare -- what do you like and what do you not like?

Monday, April 09, 2012

Perfectly Pink

These edited images were created after watching a video in Kim Klassen's Test Kitchen.  This video gave instructions on a "vintage pastel" technique.  She does the most wonderful edits with images that would be considered rather ordinary.  From this original I did two edits.  Unfortunately they don't show up here on this white background as well as they did on my Photoshop workspace.
first edit below using the "vintage pastel" technique and a frame from an online class at Jessica Sprague.

second edit below using two of Kim's textures "And Then Some" and "Annabelle".  
I'm linking to 

and wishing everyone a great week with your art.
Stop in to see the 100+ entries.  Just click on the badge above.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Up Close and Personal

Last June my husband completely redid our front yard......did away with the water guzzling grass and planted drought tolerant plants. It is an ongoing work in progress, but it is starting to come together   These "kangaroo paws" are just beginning to bloom. Today our Photo Art Friday challenge is to use a macro photo or a crop of a larger photo.  I don't have a macro lens so I experimented with my Canon "close-up" magnifying lens.  I read about it in Scott Kelby's "The Digital Photogaphy Book".  It is less than I had hoped for, but it is an inexpensive substitute.  The original which used the magnifyer is the
first image below.  I like the shallow depth of field it gives me without my having to fiddle with settings on the camera.
I then cropped to 12 x 12 square and edited in two different ways. The first edit is more realistic....
I used a texture that was a freebie from someone. Unfortunately I cannot remember who....the name of the texture is "it's all about color - verdigris".  If someone recognizes the name, please email me or leave a comment so I can credit that individual. The blend was "linear light" at 57%  I then used Bonnie's "fanciful" texture on hue at 96%.
I wanted to do something a bit more abstract below......
I used Bonnie's "abstract splotches" linear light 100%, removed most of the texture from the flower and then used the cut-out filter.
Have a great week everyone and stop for a visit at Photo Art Friday.  You can link over by selecting the badge below. 

Photo Art Friday

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Rain Vessel

I could hardly wait to try this "drippy" texture from Vintage Findings. Some tweaking with blends, filters and a frame finished it off.  This is actually a fountain in our backyard.  I just love the vessel by itself.  However, I also liked embellishing it.
Starting with this original image 
and ending with this....
Karen has some fine textures which she is so kindly giving away to us lucky recipients.  Be sure to go to her site and look at her work including her textures.  She is one talented lady with digital editing!