Saturday, January 05, 2013

Time Flies

Life has certainly gotten in the way.  Hard to believe I haven't posted since Christmas day!!
Since Texture Tuesday and Photo Art Friday have been on vacation, I guess I 
decided to take some time off too.  I find it difficult to get back in the groove.  
I did a walk around the neighborhood with my iPhone to get myself familiar with using the camera part of it.
I got a nice shot of these pods hanging from Liquidambar tree -- all this with a background of the sunset.  I cropped the original to try to get rid of the electrical wires.

and then didi a few different edits.  This first one was using Kim's "Cherish Scripted" texture.
 and then I had a little more fun
 I used Karen of Vintage Findings' texture on the image below.

 I decided to get a pic of my new Uggs.  I put off buying them for years thinking they were ugly (no pun intended).  I finally caved and bought a pair.  I can't believe how comfortable they are or how warm they keep my feet.  I could have been enjoying these for the last several years, but I did not know what everyone else seems to know!  The laugh's on me.


Carole M. said...

Hi Marilyn; my favourite is the first image; pretty to see those pods in silhouette form against the sky. Enjoy the coziness of your new ugg boots, keeping warm is a priority, and if they're comfy too that's a big plus.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Love your shots and the uggs are awesome too. So comfy.

Jacki Long said...

Nice work Marilyn! And, welcome to UGG-land!
I live in my UGG's about seven months a year.
Sweats and UGG's are my idea of heaven! ;o)

Diane said...

Wonderful work, Marilyn!