Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 10 Beyond Layers II and Texture Tuesday

Trying to keep up with Beyond Layers II is keeping me up!
Kim had a great little tutorial using one of her textures called "Subtly Yours".  I'm having to break an old habit I learned -- "fill the frame" when taking photos.  Now that I have a grown-up camera and I'm wanting to have grown-up photos, I realize that I want to have more open space in my photos.....particularly when I want to add text.
I did crop this image which left me 
with less space but I think I like it better than the original.
Happy Easter everyone.
and then I added some more text, this time doing the text on a path technique Kim taught us.
Click on the button here to see more Texture Tuesday entries.  Have a great week everyone.



sandy @ french laundry 132 said...

Hi Marylyn! I've been meaning to come over for a visit with you for so long now, then when you left your comment, I remembered! You will have to forgive me, as my memory is not as good as it used to be and I'm not kidding lol

I just updated my blog about how many places I went to try to find those ranunculus yesterday, and how I finally, finally found them at Trader Joes! I have seen the yellow ones too a couple of years ago and had to buy them. They are so lovely.

Your photos are really nice and I just love how you did the text! Superb! I'm not sure if I took that class or not (see it's the memory thing again lol)

Anyway, oh love the self portrait of you in the posts below! Your granddaughter is very lovely too!

I will try to keep in touch more often!


Pieni Lintu said...

So pretty!! <3

Stephanie said...

You did a lovely job with this photo. I spent years filling the frame too and now I'm trying to break old habits.

Carol said...

You did a great job on both of these.

deborah said...

Such a pretty image, and you did a beautiful job with the texture you used ... love the text you added ... just wish we were having a bit more 'spring' around here! This is my first visit here from Kim's Texture Tuesday's link-up. Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

EarlK said...

Nicely done. I like your bowl and the eggs.


Anonymous said...

I love all of your images...Especially the first one.. (:

Linneas Atelje Photography said...

Beautiful :)