Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Playing with Dolls

Gourd dolls, that is.......
I've joined a wonderful group of artists that meets once per month.  We are calling our group East Side Art.  Each month we take turns 
hosting the group and facilitating a "class".  Last month Jacki share her talent for torn paper collage.  Unfortunately I didn't take pics, but we all had a great time.
This month Norma taught the class.  She really went the extra mile.  We had all agreed that we would take our lunches to our get-togethers, but Norma made a huge pot of tortilla soup with all the trimmings.  In the morning we had tea/coffee with some sweet rolls.  She had set up two huge double-wide tables under awnings.  There was more than enough space for each of us to spread out  all our supplies.  We each were given a gourd doll blank and a plastic bag of accessories and miscellaneous supplies.  Here Norma is showing us choices of fabrics we could use.  Just look at those gorgeous dolls which are just a smidgen of her glorious collection.
 Here's Erin's finished doll in her inimitable style of florals.  
 and here we are at the table....

Here are Linda and Libby about half finished with theirs.

And here are four of our lovelies at the end of the class.

A grand time was had by all!!


Jill said...

You are so blessed to have a group of friends to create with!!!

Jacki Long said...

Darn! I missed it, and it does look terrific! Next time.

smiles, Sharon said...

These dolls are ADORABLE!!! How fun to sit and create with other like minded ladies. I would love to see how these are made. Do you think my Funny Bunnies could make these. Great photos of a really fun activity.
And it is WARM!!! I leave for cold, wintry Chicago in half an hour. smiles: sharon

smiles, Sharon said...

I just followed your link and viewed Norma's work on her site. Beautiful. Thanks for providing the link. I once knew a woman who did gourd bowls that were in a high end gallery...she was fabulous. But this style, being dolls is the best for my love of color. So glad you were present. smiles: sharon