Monday, August 05, 2013

Facelift? that is.
Hello, my friends, I'm so excited I just had to share with you.
When we moved into this house in late '97, the kitchen was a horrible ugly-looking circa '70's kitchen. Note the lineolum on the backsplash and floor.  
Yeppers....this is what it looked like when we opened escrow.
So in '98 we completely redid it - opened the ceiling and demo'd it to the wall studs.   The cabinets were not even salvageable, so we went with custom cabinets.  Our contractor was so 
reasonable that it was cheaper to do his cabinets than 
the ones at the big box stores.
At the time, for various reasons, I opted to go with tile countertops.    So this is what it looked like (and still does) when we finished with it.
I've always regretted that we did not go with granite.  So 14 years later I'm finally getting my granite countertop.  Seems like that should be easy enough.  For those of you who've "redone" kitchens, you are sitting there chuckling to yourselves or probably rolling on the floor with laughter!!
It's never simple.  If we're redoing the countertop, we also have to have a new backsplash.  Too bad, I rather liked this one.
Then, we might as well get a new, updated faucet and a new stainless sink, right?  Oh, and since the sink is brushed stainless and the faucet is also brushed stainless, then do I really want the tacky chrome water dispenser and the white air gap for the dishwasher marring the look of beautiful granite and stainless?
Of course not.  Ka-ching, ka-ching!! A few more $$ 
Then.....all the cabinetry has to be repainted....I mean it's time.  So, my friends, the simple new countertop has become a major facelift for the kitchen.  
Seriously, I'm not complaining.  I'm thrilled.  I could go on for the next day or so about the ordeal of getting estimates from big box stores and independent fabricators and all the ups and downs of that....did you know there's a choice between 2cm and 3cm granite?? Well, I didn't,  but I do now.
It should be done by end of August, so stay tuned for the "after" pictures.


Nancy said...

I am laughing because I went through the same thing in the mountains a couple of years ago....just wanted to update the very dated countertops....oh but when it's finished you are going to love it. All the hassle will be so worth it....can't wait for pictures.

Lisa Gordon said...

Oh yes, granite is definitely ka-ching, especially if you want it to be all one piece as opposed to granite tiles. We have granite tops throughout our kitchen, and I love them.

Carole M. said...

look forward to your next update kitchen photos Marilyn - can say the 3 inch does look special too but then it may be old-hat by now; everything has its season it seems

Sherri Cassell said...

How exciting! I am looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen.

Jacki Long said...

Looked great last time I was there,so it will be amazing!