Saturday, August 03, 2013

Something in the Mail?

It's my turn to host our Eastside Art group.  We've had so many fun get-togethers.  We've made gourd dolls with Norma and with Diane... an ocean drum from a gourd  (sounds like one of those rain sticks).  Jacki taught us how to make collages of faces with torn paper.   We painted beautiful flowers with Erin, hydrangeas and sunflowers.  We made gelatin prints with Libby using a commercial Jelli plate and also with homemade gelatin plates.
My oh my.....what in the world would I "teach".  I decided on a mixed media day....we'll make mail art.  I've been making some mail art just to get back in the swing of mixed media.
Top and bottom spaces are copies of a piece I sent to a friend for her birthday.  The middle two spaces are another particular theme.  I wanted to see if I could do an inkjet printer image transfer with gel medium.  I haven't done one in quite a long time.  I used a piece of Dover Publications clip art and applied in the top left corner of the middle-left space.  It came out quite well, so I think we'll do some of that too.  I did some crazy stitching on my sewing machine to finish these up.
I will take pics of the various pieces the girls do and post sometime after the event which is mid-August.


Jacki Long said...

Looks great! Fun!!!

Nancy said...

I can tell you are having fun. They are great and I look forward to seeing more....