Friday, September 13, 2013

Maori Mannequin

I call her "Maori Mannequin" because the texture makes her look like her face is tattooed.  The mannequin image is courtesy  After watching Sebastian Michaels' exercise in layers, I decided to try with my own textures and brushes.  I also took advantage of Topaz Labs B/W and Adjust.  I played with this for the better part of a couple hours, and I could still do more.  
Woohoo!!! This class is so much fun and so creative.  Can't wait for the next video to see what other great ideas Sebastian has for us.
Oh, this is the original photo.......

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Carole M. said...

don't you love the surprises that happen right before your eyes on your monitor when playing with graphics; your class sounds like a lot of fun Marilyn. Great result