Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Journaling Everyday

As I mentioned in a previous post, my friend Jacki gave us each a brand new journal to work in when our art group had our monthly meeting. Then she gave us some very creative ideas including the credit card face in that post.
It started me thinking about how many journals I have started that are yet in an unfinished state.  That thought caused me to wonder about the projects we start and never finish.  On the positive side, I found these finished journals…...
I have more that are finished inside but I neglected to decorate the outer cover! So I'm not showing those to you.   Seems like that should be the easy part for an artist, right?  It does make me feel better that I can see a number of journals finished.  
I found these below in various states of completion.  Actually the journal on the bottom in the first image is the one Jacki gave me.  
So then I started to think, "Okay, which one should I work on?  Should I work in two or three at the same time?  Or….? 
I decided to just do something, anything to get my muse going.  Sometimes I think getting started is the hardest part.  It's not that the blank white page scares me.  It's just that I have gotten away from the daily journaling.   I got sidetracked a couple years ago with image editing, and I do love that with a passion.  But...
I do miss getting my hands dirty every now and then.  So why can't I do both?  There's a voice in my head saying something about scattered attention and not remaining focused on one thing to finish.  Where did that voice come from anyway?

Julie Fei_Fan Balzer says to spend even a few minutes a day journaling…..even if it's just to do a background.  If I could keep that discipline going, I could finish some of these babies.  And so, my friends, let's see if I can do it.


libbyquilter said...

you definitely CAN do it~!!!!~

you ask within your post about doing both the art journaling and other creative pursuits; i find that working in my art journal for a few minutes every day makes me feel more creative throughout the day no matter what it is that i'm working on.

looking forward to watching your progress within your art journals.


Sherri Cassell said...

I have that same voice in my head! I also have several journals not finished. The thought about choosing one thing and pursuing it makes a lot of sense but takes a lot of discipline. I think as creatives we are easily sidetracked like kids in a candy store! But isn't it fun!