Thursday, January 23, 2014

Disaster Strikes!!

Oh, friends, I've been absent because we have been dealing with a slab leak.  The past two weeks have simply been crazy.  The insurance company dragged their feet and as a result we had a mold issue which has been remedied.  However, I have one bathroom which has to be completely redone and the other bathroom that backs up to it has some restoration that needs to be done as well.  We have been living at a nearby hotel until we have a usable bathroom.  The two dogs have been so good through all of this.
In desperation I looked back in my journal and found this to post.  I don't believe I had posted it prior.  This is one of the first daily journaling attempts to get me started with journaling again.  
I got away from it because I thought I just didn't have the time to do it and my photo editing.  I'm convinced though that even ten minutes per day makes a difference.  This is an example of that 10 minutes.
I will be posting again really soon….just have to finish up with contractors, insurance companies etc.


Jacki Long said...

It's terrific! Hope you keep it up? ;oD

Cathy von Hassel-Davies said...

I love this page. I am glad you are back and going to keep doing it.

So sorry about your water problems that is so horrible.


libbyquilter said...

love this page for it's color and textures. i also really like the idea of dating my pages with a date stamp like you have done here. very smart and looks great too~!

i hope that you are able to get through your reconstruction/redecorating issues quickly and then be able to put your creative energy into your art journaling more fully.

i so agree with the tactic of giving a few minutes every day to ones art journaling. it's sometimes quite amazing how much can be accomplished this way.

keep up the awesome work.