Saturday, January 04, 2014

Stencil Madness

That's it…..I have gone mad for stencils.  I'm working in my journals pretty much every day now.  I also love, love, love Tim Holtz' new Radiant Paints.  They are so different from other acrylic paints.  They react with water, but when they are dry, they are permanent.  You can not feel them on the page as you can with other paints.  And they wash up really well!!
In my larger journal I did these.
Henna Women
The stencil girl is unfinished.  I cut out my own stencil/mask and per Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's instructions I covered her with packing tape front and back before cutting her out.  Now I can use her over and over and just wipe her off.  I do like tips like that.  They make our art life so much easier.
 Paper Doll
and finally this background was stenciled before I did the collage on it.

In my "Bits and Pieces" journal I did a couple pages.
So you can see I've gone a bit mad for stencils, but they are so much fun.
Hope you all had a wonderful New Year's.  I'm happy to have the holidays behind us and move on to 2014.  I think it will be a fascinating year.  I plan to fill my year with art.  How about you?


libbyquilter said...

love the left hand side page of the last photo~!! that coral is beautiful~!

i plan to fill my year with art too. renewed determination to a daily dose of art journaling and what iffing.

here's to a beautiful, happy 2014 exploring art making~!


Deanna Anthony said...

My daughters and I are stencil whores. lol We have been participating in the Documented Life Project as well and are having so much fun learning new things! Love your pages! Very inspiring! Hope you're having a wonderful day!