Thursday, September 18, 2014


Photoshop Artistry, Fine Art Grunge posted some new bonus content for members.  I was taken with these new textures and decided to have a little playtime.  I had taken this shot with my iPhone on the spur of the moment on my way into an office.   It was just one lone dandelion shining its little heart out.
The image was very underexposed, so I cleaned it up, brushed it off, cropped it to a square and added one of the textures.  I love the way it turned out…..very sort of abstract and painterly.

I think if one must have a "weed" in one's yard, the Dandelion is delightful.  It certainly doesn't know it's not wanted.  
~ Calm ~


Lisa Gordon said...

Really wonderful work on this little beauty, Marilyn!

Jacki Long said...

Love it MArilyn!
Actually I like both!

Dandelions make me think of out tortoise,
" Toyota Tortoise", who loved dandelions above all things. ;o)

cheryl said...

You made the everyday dandelion look like a "rose"...the watercolor one is so stunning...I love how you blended those colors..very nicely done.

smiles, Sharon said...

Just peeking around...Dandelions all capture my attention and heart. You made this one a Queen. The background is like a fine tapestry. Also love the soft focus of entire image and the placement of a very lovely quote. Straight "A" work.

cathy @ma vie trouvee said...

ohhh I really like how you altered this one! beautiful.