Sunday, September 07, 2014


I tried yesterday and day before to do a "mouseover" for this image.  No such luck!  I have done them previously, but for some reason I just can't get it to work.  So I gave up and you'll just have to know that this final image is vastly different from the original.  I was inspired by Cathy Bueti's spread in the autumn Somerset's Digital Studio.
I was intrigued with the way she got the black/white look with the coppery color in the foreground.  I did my best to imitate even though she did not indicate how she got the look.  I used a grungy, scratchy texture and I like the result.  The fun of all this is the experimentation, and I can spend hours trying different textures, blend modes and filters.  Before I know it two hours have passed.  As I always say, art in any form, is my meditation.  I get lost in the process.
~ calm ~


Jacki Long said...

Wonderful Marilyn, and well worth the wait! ;o)
I love this one and especially the scratchy sky!
You have created a wonderful blend, GREAT!!!

Lisa Gordon said...

This is really wonderful, Marilyn.
I love the tones and texture.

Cheryl M said...

Stunning image! I hear exactly what you're saying about the hours passing by while we play with various ways to edit, texture and tweak!

Cathy Bueti said...

Hi Marilyn!! Wow!! This is amazing!! I love it!! I was scrolling through my blog roll and it stopped me right away! Love the grunge and the nighttime feel to it! So happy to hear you were inspired by my article in Somerset this month! The blend mode "difference" is what really altered the colors of my image to that coppery shade. I have tried the mouse over too and sometimes it doesn't cooperate either. lol Great work Marilyn!!