Monday, July 17, 2006

The Art Class

I just have to write my thoughts about this art class I'm taking. One day a week I attend a drawing class in am and then an acrylic painting class in the afternoon from same teacher. It is through one of our community colleges and it is an emeritus class. Makes me feel great because I'm the youngest stduent in the class. Esther is almost 90. I guess there are not many seniors in their 60's taking advantage of these classes. That being said, the students are fun. Our teacher, who supposedly has taught classes in drawing, painting, watercolors, etc. for 11 years, comes in, sets up a still life on a long table and then everyone just starts drawing or painting, depending on class. She never asked who is new in the class or their experience level (and this is supposed to be for all levels). She does not tell you which pencil to use (one week our syllibus did say bring paper bag and brown conte pencil). She does not give any instruction on which brushes to use or how to load your brush. Color mixing theory is SUBTLE - she just tells us what colors to bring and through that we are supposed to learn color mixing, by osmosis I guess. And then towards the end of class she visits each student and sits down and paints over your painting fixing it. In the first class I was not happy that she painted over my work. But I have just decided that it is one way to learn -- watching her. I must say this the craziest class -- nothing as I expected.


Valerie said...

I love your blog. Your art work is wonderful. I love the way you framed the onion yet let it escape the boundary. Sea shells are lovely. You are handling your instructor's intrusions well. I do not agree with her methods. I would encourage you to continue to express yourself creatively outside of class and consider what you do in class "practice"

Marilyn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I no longer allow the teacher to change anything on my art. I have her give me her comments and I choose if I wish to follow her advice.

Gemma said...

Just surfing and found your site.
So funny you mentioned your class. I'm having a similar experience in a water color class. The teacher said " Red, blue and yellow will make any color in the palette." That seems to be working...but when she tries to paint over your work. Obnioux! Still, there are things to learn, and I'm happy to be in the class.

Jana Bouc said...

It's great you're so accepting of the way the clas is and can enjoy it for what it is. Even if she doesn't teach a thing, just doing the painting and drawing you'll learn a lot. But what a weird teacher!