Monday, July 10, 2006

Something Funny - Pass it on......

1. Pick up any book.
2. Go to page 127.
3. Find third sentence
4. Post it on your blog (plus these instructions)
5. Don't choose the book, just pick up the one closest to you.

Mine comes from The Brethren by John Grisham
"He paused, listened, heard nothing, then quietly opened a wooden gate and darted between the two buildings behind his."

The idea comes from Martina via Monica and then Anastasia


Sioux said...

Did this last week...interesting to see what everyone is reading.

Janice said...

This came originally from "Ever so Humble", a New Hampshire blog that is no longer active.

I did a page from that in my Reading Diary a year or so ago

you can see it in my Reading Diary album if you wish ... from my blog page click on the link to Art Journals

it was a lot of fun ... and when I'm stuck for ideas to write about, I do it again