Monday, July 10, 2006

How to Draw

I loved Danny Gregory's article on "How to Draw" on his website. As he says "You probably will not end up being Tiger Woods, but so what, you'll still have lots of fun". This blog, my sketching, my fabric art and my acrylic painting and journaling have been more about the process or the journey than perfection. I get so carried away, that I lose track of time. It's much cheaper than therapy. Well, I think it is. It does seem like I spend a lot for art supplies. I've also learned a lot just looking at others' art, reading messages on EDM and AJ2. Everyone's art is so different and interesting. I find that when I go to an art museum, I look much more closely at the art. I now want to examine their color mixing and their brush strokes and composition. It is indeed a whole new world for this finally retired, stay-at-home, play like artist.

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