Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sick Dog

We just brought home our beautiful greyhound rescue - white with brown spot on her back and a little spot on her head. She was picked up by animal control in the high desert where hunters often leave the dogs if they don't come home. She was found with at least four pups -- may have had more and they did not live. She was left there to fend for herself and puppies. When we found her through the adoption organization, she was very thin. Puppies were weaned -- so cute. But we cannot handle a 7 week old puppy now with our 11 year grey. She must have picked up a respiratory infection in the shelter in her weakened condition. But she has been to the doc, had IV fluids and antibiotics and is coming around. She is so sweet. My drawing does not do her justice. I will take a picture of her to post. We call her Lotus because the lotus flower is white and because the Lotus car is FAST!


Teri C said...

What a sad story and good for you for adopting her. Sweet sketch.

Keepus posted on how she is doing.

Teece said...

Good grief! What stories those precious souls could tell. I am so glad Lotus' story has a happy new beginning. Thank you for opening your hearts and home.

In regards to your sketch: your style has personality, so don't beat yourself up about it; and you have captured the essence of Lotus' state.

Yes, please do keep us posted on your fur kids!

Pam Aries said...

HI Marilyn! I saw your comment on Gemma's blog! I am also involved in Greyhound Rescue! I have 2! Check out my blog archives and you will see them! This is awesome! look forward to hearing more from you! Pam