Thursday, December 04, 2008

Air Dry Molds

Not the greatest pic. The green one sort of looks like a sluggy four-armed octopus. It's really a mint green. These molds are a little larger than your thumbnail. They are perfect for embellishments. It took some tinkering as I was using the air dry type of clay. I did not want to bake clay. There are other things I bake, but craft clay is not one of them!! I tried powdering the inside of the mold but clay would not release. I tried freezing the mold with the clay. No luck. I tried refrigerating. No luck. I finally tried rinsing the mold in water prior to inserting the clay. Yay! That worked. That little residue of water in the mold released the clay easily. I had to let them dry for a good 24 hours and then barely sanded around the few rough edges. Then I painted with acrylic washes and quickly added glitter before the paint dried on the pink and green samples. I used my Krylon gold leaf pen on the turquoise sample. I saw a spread in Cloth Paper Scissors by Beryl Taylor and her embellishments looked so enticing. That made me decide I wanted to make some, especially since she makes hers with air dry clay. These little molds came from Mad About Molds They have great instructions and tutorials right on the website. They have over 800 molds to choose from. That should keep you busy. I never did recover from mudpie making as a child!!


mk said...

what fun! look forward to seeing where they go from here :)

sticker said...

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