Thursday, December 04, 2008

Altered Journal

It seems like forever since I've posted!! I'm having so much fun, but I have certainly gotten myself into a lot of projects. I'm still taking my on-line Photoshop class, and I'm taking this four week class from Sarah Whitmire. My friend Michi invited me to join a class taught by a former contributing editor to Stampington - Sylvia Valle. Every Tuesday I take her morning and afternoon classes which involve rubber stamping and more. Plus my dh and I have started Trikkeing. I'll post a pic and link so you can see what it's all about. It is just so much fun and a real full body workout (but much more fun than the gym). It's just beginning to catch on in my area. However, it's not an excuse to forget about the gym, so I'm still doing that. Trying to keep up with just one or two on-line groups is getting more diffucult from a time perspective. Even though I'm enjoying every minute, I still like my alone time to work just my Muse and me!! So that's what I'm doing today -- well, after I run a couple errands.


Barb said...

Oh Marilyn,
This is a lovely piece. It looks so serene and the white accents remind me of snowflakes!

Michi, Orange County, CA said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Simply BEAUTIFUL!!!! I'm totally LOVING this piece, Marilyn! Woo!! Hoo!!!!

splendid said...

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