Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Button Jar

I started a project today -- an idea I got from an old Victoria magazine. I covered a box with "aged" papers and glued pearl buttons on the top. When it is dry I will tie an organza bow around it. In doing this I had to go through the "button jar" to separate the pearl buttons from the others. I started thinking about how this button jar came from my mom who was a wonderful seamstress. I continued to add loose and extra buttons to the jar over the years. As I sorted through the buttons I thought about my mom and the items she made for me - suits, dresses, prom dresses, etc. I can see her sitting at the sewing machine now. I wish she had taught me to sew. I looked at each button and thought about the history it might have had. Some of the buttons reminded me of past clothing I had. The clothes are long gone, but the extra buttons remain. There's the covered button to my purple suit with the fitted jacket. It was one of my faves. There were the covered buttons for my off-white suit and my blush pink suit. Some of the buttons were from my mom's clothes, and there were even some from my grandmother's clothes. There was even a little placket of tiny pearl buttons. I don't know what they were for, but they will be great in a collage. Such memories had me day-dreaming for at least an hour. Now about the only buttons that will go in that jar are extras for a sweater or jeans. I'm not adding a lot to it these days. Don't need the work wardrobe anymore.
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Barb said...

So enjoyed this posting :)
Maybe you can take a picture of the box when it is completed.
Wishing you an enjoyable week-end.

Elizabeth Golden said...

I have a button jar from my grandmother. Reading your post brought back all sorts of memories. Every time I am out flea marketing or garage saling and I see a button jar I buy it. Knowing some where in that jar is a ton of memories.
I love your button box, what a great idea.

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purplepaint said...

This sounds soooo familiar! My mom used to make my prom dresses too! She's an excellent seamstress! I can sew quilts and fabric art but not clothes, nothing that actually has to fit... :) Marva

Pam McKnight said...

I had never heard of a button jar until my daughter made me one when she was in kindergarten, she is away at college and I still cherish it. thanks for the memory.

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