Sunday, May 22, 2011

Create Mixed Media Retreat

I took two great classes at this art retreat.  Jeannie Palmer Moore taught "Sketch and Stitch".  We first sketched on canvas, then painted with water soluble crayons.  We added a section of text which was adhered to a thermofax film.  I also added two more eggplant which were sketched on deli paper and then painted also with water soluble crayons.  Christine Adolph was in the class, and she used Twinkling H2O's which gave the canvas a bit of sparkle.  I want to add some more finishing touches to mine.   
I took the "Free Motion Graffiti" class from Alisa Burke.   In the morning we watched her demo a bit and then painted our fabric using brushes, stencils, stamps, markers etc.  In the afternoon we cut up our fabric and sewed onto fleece or batting.  
I'm just beginning to sew, so getting the hang of the free motion foot was quite interesting.  I didn't need to worry about it though because the idea was to make lines and use the sewing machine as a "paint brush".  This was quite fun and I came away with an almost finished product that I really like.
Both classes were good for me because I learned to use the free motion foot and because both instructors were marvelous, giving of their time and talent!
I believe Cloth Paper and Scissors will be sponsoring the retreat here again next year.  I hope so.  There were so many classes I wanted to take.  Maybe next year.


Diane said...

OMG...I am so impressed! You are just jumping in to so many things. Good for you! No limits & I love it. These are both beautiful! I am not too comfortable at the sewing maching but oh how I love the fabric art. I especially like the thought of using the sewing machine as your paint brush I look forward to seeing more fabric art.
Glad to hear you enjoyed your retreat! Hugs, Diane

Clear Crick Cottage said...

Hi Marilyn!
THESE are SIMPLY marvelous! they're so unique and colorful...and they certainly don't look like they were your first attempts at these new mediums either! I'm very impressed. Congratulations on art well done!

I'm so sorry to be offline for over two weeks now. Sigh...when ever it's like this it's normally my parent/s draining the life/time out of me again. I feel so powerless against it. But today is my first day back with 1/2 normalcy...still must clean up around here tomorrow, but I hope to be back to visiting you next week. :)

If I don't reconnect before Memorial Day, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Thank you so much for emailing me today - I'm so happy to see the beautiful art you created at the workshops! :)

Sherilyn at Clear Crick Cottage

Gpierce said...

Your art is a gift that I needed today! Just browsing your blog has uplifted my spirits! Thanks. hugs,

Becca said...

Sorry I haven't been here in a while! Wow I really love what you are doing. I know what you mean about the classes, I see so many I want to take, but finding the time to fit it all in as another story!