Monday, May 16, 2011

Rolling Pasture

This reminds me of some of the paintings by old masters - the bucolic farmland paintings darkened by age.

I added the following textures: "Alchemy 53" by Shadowhouse Creations overlay @ 26%,  "Grunge Badge" by Erica Paree hard light @ 71%, duplicated "Grunge Badge" hard light@ 51%, Kim Klassen's "Nutmeg" overlay @ 47% and "Explored #4" by Kandee  (Flickr) overlay @75%.  A great big thank you to all of you who create these great textures.  They add so much to our photos. 


Sharon said...

Hi Marilyn!
This photo is gorgeous and looks like a painting. YOUr digital work is fabulous!

helena said...

fantastic - I love this sort of texture work

paperbird said...

Hi marilyn,
I did receive your email. i have had many problems with blogger lately too!
thank you for your sweet comment- i truly appreciate the kindness that is left my way.
your images are wonderful as well- i love the music text and tulips are such a wonderful thing to photograph.
have a beautiful day~

Stampmouse said...

ohhh I love this. looks like a beautiful painting

sallyt said...

oh this is great. it's so nostalgic. Thanks for your comments on my photo. I gotta tell you that it is when I see an iPhone photo app I've never heard of that I have the most fun of all! I race right over and take a look at it (and usually get it for myself. LOL.
) Thanks again. I love your photos and the processing you do with them.

Sherry said...

Very, very pretty! Like how this turned out.

Jenni said...

Beautiful bucolic scene and texture application. Thanks for explaining which ones you used.
Thanks also Marilyn for commenting on my blog, appreciated,

Evelyn S. said...

Definitely looks like an old painting by one of the masters! Isn't it fun? Thanks for visiting my blog.

Diane said...

OMG...I LOVE this! You did an amazing job, Marilyn. This has to be one of my favorites. xoxo Diane