Monday, May 16, 2011

Desaturated Tulip - Texture Tuesday

Ok, I placed the wrong photo in this post.  The vintage post is the next post down.  If you click at the top of my blog you will get to see that post as well as this one.  Thanks!
To get this look I followed Kim Klassen's Textured Daisy tutorial from May 6.  Thank you, Kim!!  I really like being able to lose the background and give it the lighter look.
I used Kim's  "February Magic Edges" texture and a couple of my own textures.  
I wish I could do the "mouse over technique" but for now I'll have to show the original image separately.
Happy Texture Tuesday


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Perfection ~ Gorgeous work.

Linda Makiej said...

Gorgeous vintage feeling.... beautiful texture!

helena said...

fabulous image - love how the tulip is beckoning to me (and the way the background clutter is made to disappear - if only we could apply the same effect to life sometimes !)

Stampmouse said...

love what you did with this

Diane said...

Beautiful! It makes a huge difference when pulling off that original background. I MUST learn how to do that.