Friday, September 16, 2011

Captiva Sunset

Here it is Friday again and I barely have my post ready.  I've joined Photo Art Friday hosted by Bonnie at Pixel Dust Photo Art.  Stop by and see the other great contributions.  Also Bonnie has great tips and examples for PS addicts.  She is generous in giving away textures and sharing her knowledge.
My entry is a photo taken on Captiva Island on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Though we live very close to the beach here in Southern California, I love Florida and its beaches.  The sand is different, the light is different, the air is different.  It's just as beautiful as our coast.  
Every night, people gather with their beach chairs and wine to see the sunset.  There is magic in the air at this time of day on the beach.  The weather is balmy and one can get lost in the whole affair.  Though I love this photo with the silhouette of pines, it is not as clear as I would like, so I decided to "art it up".  I really did not need to do much. 
I did a levels adjustment, used Bonnie's texture 0514 darken 100% and removed a bit of it  from the sun and pines, then used texture 41 from Flickr_Lenabem hard light 100%.
Have a great week and see you next Photo Art Friday.

Photo Art Friday


Bonnie said...

WOW! I'm a bit speechless. I floated off somewhere for a few seconds gazing into the first - your photograph. Just beautiful.

THEN, was jolted by the switch to an entirely different kind of beauty and mystery. Lovely texture work Marilyn!

Thanks so much for sharing your talents with Photo Art Friday!

johanna said...

i want to live THERE!!
great editing!

hannah said...

Bonnie summed it up so beautifully:

The original combination of gold and the black etching of the tree is exquisite. haunting in fact., like the one you escribe in words.
A treat.

Team Tabby said...

Great to be able to see both of your photos. The second has lots of visual interest!

Ida said...

Fabulous work. First off I could just sit for hours staring at your 1st photo and dreaming of being there relaxing on the beach at sunset.
Wow then we switch gears to something that really has a dreamlike feel about it. Almost like a "fairy world" in some respect.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I really like both... the 1st is so peaceful & calming, but the 2nd really spices it up! Niiice - thanks for the link to more textures, too...

happy weekend =)

Pat said...

Beach chair, wine, sunset - it all sounds wonderful to me! Lovely images!

Seraphina´s Phantasie said...

Both are beautiful. The second one is Art. Great ! Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Incredibly beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by my photoblog so that I could find you beauty!

Kathy said..., what a great shot. I love Florida beaches too. (I'm originally from Texas). The texture and editing process you did is fabulous.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Bright blessings,

Kim Dellow said...

Oh just gorgeous! kim

Diane said...

Beautiful Marilyn!

louciao said...

No wonder you're drawn to the other coast with magic light like that. I love how the lines of the pine branches are etched against the glowing sky.

Anonymous said...

This sunset is gorgeous! Doesn't need a texture but the texture is beautiful with it!
Thanks for visiting :) See you in class....