Saturday, September 24, 2011

Finding My Eye Class Week 2

Finding My Eye Journal

This section is for my assignments for the class 
I'm taking a class at Kat Eye View.  Our first assignment is "Why I Take Photos".
I've attempted to analyze here why I take photographs.  There was a time when I would 
intermittently take photos 
of family and events so 
that we would have memories to savor. 
 I love looking through old photos of our family. I do think these memories are 
a very important part of 
life. I was not particularly disciplined about taking these photos however. 
 Now, though 
I still take photos of my family, my impetus to have any disciplined frequency 
is for artistic purposes. I wanted to learn PSE so I could play with my art images. Then I decided I had better invest in a decent camera and learn how to use it. I'm still learning how 
to use it. I have taken all kinds of classes on line for art and PSE. I've also taken a class or two on photography. With time 
my skills have increased, but I'm still really new with photography. I enjoy it 
and I enjoy manipulating 
images to get different artistic effects. I love looking at others' blogs and seeing their art and photos. Starting a blog was really 
an adventure for me since 
computers were somewhat new to me. HTML? What the heck is that? I still 
don't know much about that, just enough to be dangerous. I took a class on blogging design. When I look at others' blogs I wonder 
how they were able to 
do some of the things they do to make their blogs look so inviting. So I've worked on that too. So here I am in another class to learn more about myself and about the process.

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Sandra Foster said...

Hi Marylyn! I enjoyed reading your post and can enter into it. Like the "watercolor" too. I am a fan of Kim Klassen Cafe - it's fun.

PS: If you are looking for free and different backgrounds please visit my other blog: