Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Brush

I've been trying to find photoshop brushes that look like labels or adhesive tape.  I found some really cute brushes that look like polka dot ribbon but can't seem to download them.  I get a Gimp PDF file for Windows even though it clearly states it is for Mac.  Oh well, I did find this set of brushes by Invisibles Now here. and promptly played a bit on one of my journal pages.
I used these in combination with the "rough typewriter" font.  I guess I'll keep looking.  There sure are a lot of really cool free brushes out there.  I'd like to see one like these with white letters instead of transparent. Now that I think of it, there is plain "tape" included which I could use as a white brush and then brush the letters over that. Then it would look like a label that came from my old label maker.


lisa said...

Marilyn, this is just beautiful.
I love the color and the wonderful detail.
Truly a very special work of art!

Caryl said...

Marilyn dont ask me where I found them but I have two brush sets like you have described how do I send them to you?

Evelyn said...

Very lovely and creative work! You could maybe have a go at making your own brushes..... there are lots of tutorials on the internet!!

missing moments said...

So creative and it turned out awesome!

ShonEjai said...

This is beautiful. I have just become your newest follower. :)