Monday, October 22, 2012

Hot Pink Geranium

In my attempt to use the macro setting on my point and shoot, I got this somewhat blurred 

image, but I love

the hot pink color and decided to play with it in PSE.

From here I changed blend modes to get the black background.

I then added an impressionistic texture I made and a French Kiss texture "Purple Prose".

I think I like this result the best.

  For fun I added Bonnie's "Leafy Landscape" texture just to see.  

I've seen so many great blogs with incredible images and even better processing with and

without textures.  Just look what Andrea of "From the Sol" did with the

"Leafy Landscape" texture.  Also check out Phyllis' images from "A Place to Hang My Pictures"

using the same texture.


Andrea said...

I came over to say thank you for stopping by and for your nice compliments on my PAF pictures and was so pleasently surprised to see that you have given people the option of coming to see them. I am flattered ... Thank you.
I also enjoyed how you turned your blurred macro in to several pieces of art. Blur definately has a place in art and you captured it here. Thank you again ... I am glad you found me and I look forward to exchanging views and pictures in the future.

Andrea @ From The Sol

Rosemary Aubut said...

Well done! Love how you have experminted with these textures! Vibrant color and composition!

Geri said...

Lovely Marilyn!! I like the blur.

Miriam said...

Thank you so much for visiting me. I now keep some out of focus shots just so that I can play with them. Sometimes it is just the colours you need to make beautiful digital Art. Your geranium is fabulous! I like the way you have linked to a couple of other blogs. I might try that.

jacki long said...

I did check them out, but I like your (2nd from the bottom) the best! I think you hit the max button for color, it is so vivid1 bravo Marilyn! jacki

Janet said...

I love this series of photos as each and every one is a delight in itself! Nicely done!